App Case Study: $100,000+ in New Business, 11,000 Meditation Minutes, 215 Sales Calls

I am very excited to connect with you all, as I am relatively new to no code movement. I recently created a new accountability / mindfulness product for entrepreneurs. I have several close friends and business partners who have struggled w/ mental health.

As a baseball player, I struggled with anxiety. Or ‘getting into my own head’. & as an entrepreneur, I have struggled with depression myself. the anxiety is very real.

Despite what you see on social media, entrepreneurs are frequent sufferers of panic attacks and depression - Often due to money problems as well as mental obstacles like imposter syndrome, limiting beliefs, etc.

After learning from a few mentors, I started practicing daily meditation a few years ago. It has transformed my mind, life and business.

I now look forward to doing nothing for 30 minutes and emptying my mind every morning.For the last few months, I made a new no-code app that we tested with 11 clients in order to help them meditate, market and sell more.

I guess you don’t see those things grouped together often, but I feel that it’s time we change that…

Especially in our even more isolated, quarantined world, I hope to use this product to empower creators and businesses to practice mindfulness as well as business, in order to create wealth and abundance.

Below you can read the full case study about our app on LinkedIn - please send me a connection request so I can grow my network with awesome people :slight_smile: