thriveOS - Gamified Accountability App

It’s been 100 days since we started building out the MVP of thriveOS and today, here we are launching the app as a product!
It’s an app packed with plenty of features and built to help business owners, consultants and coaches thrive in what they do!

Check out the demo launch video:

A look inside the story and purpose of thriveOS with @mattkohn2220 - thriveOS is the new application for growth from Different Hunger.

The purpose is to make growth simple and fun. For the last 100 days, we’ve been experimenting with 11 users (agencies, coaches & consultants), here were their results:

447 days gratitude journaling
499 days of accountability check-in’s
11,553 meditation minutes logged
15,110 outbound messages sent
215 sales calls scheduled
$100,000+ new business generated

Today until July 31, we’re stoked to open the doors to hungry new members committed to escaping conformity and thriving in biz and life. Learn more and become a founding member for $29/month or $247 per year here:

If you are ready to discover your growth potential, we’ll see you inside :slight_smile:


@Manan_Mehta the video link doesn’t work for me. Facebook says it is broken

Try this one

Not working on my side.

Same here, excited to have a look but it says link is broken (I am signed into facebook).


So sorry for that guys!

Here you go: