GOALS ( Greatness On All Levels) App is a productivity app with the likeness of a social media app.

Goals app is a platform for everyday people, entrepreneurs and high performers to share their goals and habits for growth with one another. When sharing your goals our users create opportunities for business, hold each other accountable and take productivity to the next level. If you’re tired of not having a system or community to build with then join goals and start achieving!


This looks awesome!
I’m looking to develop a communities section on my app and will use this as inspo.
Anything surprise you in the process? And how long did it take you?

Thank you! Yes, definitely some minor glitches with lil stuff like the visual presentation on the users behalf and community creating for users. I’m about to hire another developer to help me make some finishing touches that I need to get done. The whole process took about a week but it wasn’t me creating it.

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ah cool! Where’d you get the developer from?

I was referred to a programmer but I believe you can post it in the “help & how to” category. to get some programmers response…

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