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Can I create an app as frontend and pages as backend?

Sure, why not? Just connect the same data source(s) to the app and page that you build. Learn more about data sources here: Data Sources

You can also just make a Page and use it on both desktop and mobile. Pages are being optimized for both experiences and are nearly as good on mobile as Apps, in my opinion.


Yes, I have noticed quite a few improvements, and they look really good on mobile! Now if the feature set can “catch up”. For now, I find it very time-consuming to have both when both are heavily under development. And in one of my apps/pages combo, which I created simply for a home project, the computed columns in one and the computed columns in the other ended up having no bearing on one another – they were for different purposes. At that point, the only convenience was having the core data set common.

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Am just going to add product from the pages to the app.

Using choice component to select to add product to the product table.

These are the use cases.Pages looks good to add product,edit and delete.


Im facing this problem in pages.I previously autopopulate these highlighted fields when a business user login to add products.
But in pages i don’t see columns like in the screen sheet which is in apps.How can i get these values from pages.i need to be autopupulate from business user profile.


Do you have User Profiles correctly configured?

No, actually i don’t have these in pages.The screenshot what I’m showing is an app which previously created.

Can I do the same thing in pages?

Yes, you can.

But in order to use User Profile values in forms, you must have User Profiles configured. This is exactly the same in Apps and Pages.


I have the user profile setup .

The thing is i dont know how to add like this,here when a form is submitted a row is created in the product table.
At the same time some fieldss are getting value from user profile.

the above one is from app.

I need to do the same thing in pages .How to add these values from user profile to the one shown above on the image .
I dont see any component like this in pages.

In your second screen shot, you have a Detail Screen, not a Form Screen.
Those special values are only available in Form Screens.
Try clicking on the “Add” button.


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