Pages view for current app

I can’t find a thread that addresses this question, which means I am either missing something obvious in the forums or have a very limited use case.

I have a Pro app which records training data for individuals. When it comes to signing off the data, the app can be quite cumbersome due to the layout restrictions. Having an admin Pages page on a desktop for an overview of submissions would be a great link through.

Is the only way to do this to build a Pages site off the same data and then pay for a new subscription for that 1 required page?

It would be great to be able to build out a Pages page over the top of an app.

I believe the answer is yes.
Whilst an app and a pages project can share the same data source, they are two separate products each with their own pricing.

Is there no way you can create a “less cumbersome” view for your admins in your existing app?

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Thank you. I thought that might be the answer. A shame, but understandable.

Ha, yes. It is something I am looking at. I am hoping there is a new feature or two that I might be able to make use of that didn’t exist when I built the app.

Will your admins be using a desktop/laptop?

If yes, you’re probably best to give them a screen that uses a List Layout, so they can take full advantage of desktop mode.