App Notifications (as of 8/2020)

I don’t need email notifications but would like the ability to send a pop-up or red button type notification on the mobile device when a particular action is taken or a date is reached (say 5 days from your last entry)


Chromium notification for chat and comments shows for pro apps.

you can sort of do this with conditional visibility on a tab - only show Tab A if condition B is met

Do you mean that for a notification prompt to ask to fill in form e.g. once every 7 days?

So you could set the TAB A visibility as:

  1. Every multiple of 7 days of a start date
  2. If VALUE x hasn’t been added (i.e. submitted in form)

Thanks for clarification.

I guess what I was referring to was a pop-up on your phone when you are not in the app that will notify you to go to the app, not something inside the app already.

That’s a limitation due to iOS not allowing notifications for PWA’s. That’s why anything suggested is a workaround.


Is there a way to send data to the comment component from the glide editor? taking into account that it is currently the only way to show notifications … So you could configure massive notifications to users … I read them


There’s no way to do that as of now.

This is how I am doing this for a few applications. It doesn’t show a notification on the device itself, but it does allow us to show new information to users. We set this up in a few ways: buttons that popup, tabs that show up, etc.

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I need more details @tyler_1 i have sean @Uzo do it on his app. he told me its a basic glide function. Did not understand what he meant by that.

@abe.sherman This is the way native notifications currently work. This is limited only to Android and only to the use of chat or the comments component. These limitations are due to Apple not allowing native notifications on PWA apps.

I need a example of how it works. When people say comments what do they mean?

The comments component or the chat tab.

Because tab visibility is based on the user sheet and the “notifications” I want users to see are on a different sheet, I use another sheet to count “active” notifications by date that counts the active ones. Then on the users sheet, I have an array formula that pulls the count from the previous reference for each user. Then the visibility is set so that if the “active” count is greater than X, the tab is displayed for users.

I see it working question what happens if a user click block but then once it on again? Will it ever pop up?

If you ever block requests for notifications or location, it will stay blocked until the user goes into their browser deletes all site settings or grants access to that website. It works this way so user’s aren’t harassed with constant popups if they don’t want them.


Is there a issue deleting comments?
Deleting directly from the sheet does not work.
And holding also not working

Also can I use a script to add comments. Like in my case DDNS UP DDNS Down in the sheet itself?

It looks like I am not getting notifications if I do it that way, is that correct.

Update the Delete function only works on the app builder and not in the app itself, is that correct?

Correct. That’s the only way to delete comments.

The comments are logged in the sheet but they are not connected to the app. It’s just a log, so there is no way to add comments other than to make comments directly in the comments component.

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Have you found a solution to this yet? I am also looking for the same thing at the moment

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App notifications are so important to a task app. Have you found any solution to this yet? Tks