App not working on cellular data (404 not found)


I published an app today and neither me or anyone from my family can access it while using cellular data, only when I am logged in to wifi it’s working.

The error showing is “404 not found”
I am based in Israel.

Any ideas?

Is your app on a custom domain?

It is not, using the same domain glide supplied.

Can you share the link to the app so we can test?

Here is the url

Its becoming more often…

I was about to pay them tbh… aint gonna happen with this happening :frowning:

I just tested on 4G, and the sign in page comes up in about 2 seconds.

I suspect that the issue is probably more about the quality of your cellular network than anything else.

Same as Darren, I can load the Sign In page perfectly fine here from Vietnam.

Hi guys, thanks for letting me know.
However, the issue still exists, using 3 different iPhones and multiple networks after a while the site doesn’t load properlym, even after clearing cookies for Safari from the iPhone settings I am getting the issue.

I’ll share a screenshot as well.

Corrently, running a random domain that forwards to the site, which for some reason make it works.
Guessing that by tomorrow I’ll have the same issue again.

Not sure why and sadly can’t contact Glide for this.

I was really about to pay the 25$ and use it but I can’t trust this in this scenario, I am working on a family business app and can’t handly my parents having to clear cache and troubleshoot…

Same issue goes for all phones, refresh doesn’t work either.

Very weird that “Not Found” message. It looks like a kind of block from your ISP to Glide domain.

If you test with other Glide APPs (dummies) for example, do you receive the same message?

Testing your APP domain from Venezuela, everything looks fine


Can you give me an app to test with?
I am not even sure if it’s the ISP, at some point it didn’t work at all, even after clearing the cookies.
It was only when I forwarded from a random domain I have when I was able to access the site from the iPhone…

test with this

Does your wifi run any sort of VPN?

No, I currently think it’s the carrier, my guess is that after a while on my carrier it cannot be resolved anymore or something, very odd.
I feel like Glide should be involved cause it might hurt their business on a wider level in Israel…

I added the app to my home screen, I’ll keep an update if it stops working again.

Just verifying, very minor changes withing the app while published shouldn’t have an affect?
Same link, never changed, working on free plan atm.

I recommend reading this.

Also to add, any changes to data or data structure will ALWAYS be live and will affect a live app, regardless if auto publishing is on or off.

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