"App map" or inline lists tree map

Dear all,

I would be strongly interested in the capability to display to the user the tree map of imbricated inlists, as illustrated below :

  • inline list 1 title
    • inline list 1.1 title
    • inline list 1.2 title
  • inline list 2 title
    • inline list 2.1 title
    • inline list 2.2 title
      • inline list 2.2.1 title
      • inline list 2.2.2 title

By a click on the title, whatever inline list level it is, this would allow to display a screen relative to this particular inline list.

Use casesm / need regarding this request : to provide a “PWA map” to the users, mainly the app admins users. That would help them in having the global picture of the app levels, and help me in the way I want them to be able to change the inline lists tree. For example, I want them to be able to “transform” the inline list 2.2.2 and to make it becomes inline list 3. If they have this “inline list tree map” displayed as described, that would help them (no need to navigate through the tree to check or find the good place to migrate an existing inline list).

Any feedback welcome!

From a technical point of view, this is already feasible, I know how to change the level of an inline list in the “tree”, except for the inline list level1 for which I have to set the predecessor as the “root” of the tree. Not tried yet, but I guess I will have to spend some times here (if I don’t make use of script, it’s better).