App Icon goes to 1st tab

When loading the app to home screen, it loads a picture of page 1 and not the icon that was uploaded. Plus the main site view does not have icons, just descriptors

I believe you but… how do you expect anyone to take an action on this if you don’t show us some screenshots or give us a link to the app in question?

App is in the lower right. Here’s a link to the app.

Not sure why you didn’t just ask without the snarky comment. I’m spreading the word on your product and think it’s great.

I don’t work for Glide, just an independent schlub like all others, so don’t hold my snarky comment against them.

OK, so is there a fix?

I see that they have been doing a lot of new stuff…little confusing at first but this is a new one.

I have no idea, I’m just trying to save the Glide team some work by getting everyone to drill down to the problem at hand without a bunch of unnecessary Q & A before the actual issue is revealed. It seems like a low level thing that only a Glide team member can have a look at.

OK, thanks…I assume that they either see this or you forward to them?

I assume they will. I have no more of a direct line access to them than all others. Again just helping others where I can.

Thanks George…and I’ll remember the screenshots…LOL

And all it took was one snarky remark to reinforce that, lol. It’s all good :slight_smile:

Seriously, I answer sometimes dozens of these kinds of comments a day. More than 25% have already been answered and would only take a few seconds of searching effort on the users part. About 25% more need further information provided in order to even understand the issue. I think of it as a service to remind people of those to common things about posting a question. Do a search first (which I’m sure you did as you have seen some other issues going on of late), and giving as much information as you can upfront to avoid the back and forth needed to “see” the problem.

As I said it’s all good. Thanks for spotting this and bringing it to Glides attention.

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Agreed, thanks again!!

Loaded fine for me on Android.

What do you mean by this:

Also, just a suggestion…I see you are using Google forms for data entry. You can do the same thing in the app with a form button…unless you have a specific reason for using Google forms

I guess I meant the uploaded image…yeah we use Google Sheets since they are shared. I’ll look into the form aspect.

In reality, you could use both. The app for those who use it and the google form for those that don’t have the app.

I use Google Forms a lot myself since there is validation of the data.


I have seen this when I “add to home screen” too quickly.

You should just wait another 1/2 second longer, the app icon should appear.

Then Add to Home Screen.

At least that is what happened to me…

Yes, I see that now. I need it to go to a separate sheet…I actually have 7 different sheets connected to those tabs.

You know, that may be it as well…I’ll try it

Starts to go to it then jumps to the first tab