App Freezes Very Often

My site has been created with Glide and with the use of a Glide Expert (who was fantastic).

But frustratingly, after spending a lot of time and money on the site - is constantly freezes when being accessed via phone. Any help would be greatly appreciated!



May you show some screenshots to see how your APP looks in Glide Editor and on web browser?

I just see a blank (white) screen at


(Attachment Media1.mp4 is missing)

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David, I still keep receiving a blank page using several devices but after a long time, your initial screen is shown.

I think your videos are causing problems when the Page is loaded at 1st time, later, the page load (2nd, 3rd time, etc) is normal . Just as a test, what if you remove the initial video to check if the Page’s load speed improves at first?


Sorry I am not very confident in making changes such as this. This is why I hired a glide expert to work on my site.


Think I have worked it out and removed that home screen video


Does it mean that everything is working ok now?

It seems to be a bit better through the internet browser and visiting - but when visiting it as an icon on my home screen it still freezes every time. I tried deleting and re-adding to my home screen, but that is also still freezing when I click on any routes. For example into practices, then rondos. Or into games then 1v1 games, it just freezes.

Please let me know when I can re-add the video on my home screen. That is the explainer video for the site so it is a crucial one for users.

Thank you


Ok, no problem!

I can see that your videos are loaded directly from your page (Glide server) instead of using shared links like YouTube.

Have you tried to open your own YouTube channel, put your videos on that channel and use YouTube’s shared links on your Page instead? Maybe, YouTube links have better resources and performance than direct videos saved on Glide servers.

By the way, you have very good and educational videos. I have learned some tactics by watching some of them :sunglasses:


Hi, thank you very much for the kind feedback.

It’s very disappointing to hear that I am now being asked to host videos on the app via YouTube or Vimeo. My app originally had all videos hosted via Vimeo. I then received an email from Glide (via Darren Humphries, see attached) asking if I would like to spend some time discussing how to get more from Glide. I asked a question on this call around videos being put directly on the app and was told it was possible. On Darren’s recommendation I then reached out to a Glide expert (Bob Pettito) and asked the same question (see attached).

Having been assured this could be done, I have spent over $2000 on the services of a Glide expert and paid Glide for a pro subscription for the new site to support this update.

I am now financially struggling and unable to recoup what I have spent on the app through income because it is freezing all the time.

During this very difficult time economically I would be hugely grateful for your help to either resolve the issues with the site or I would hope that Glide could reimburse some of my expenses.

Kindest regards,


Hi again,

Well, I don’t have the right answer/solution for your case, my suggestion to use YouTube links is just a test based on Trial and Error method in order to narrow/isolate the problem source.

If you are not comfortable or sure making changes to your Page (for testing only), you can create a copy of your Page and work on this version to test how it works with YouTube links instead of direct videos. This should be your first step to solve your annoying problem.

I hope it helps!

Feliz día @David_Baird

I’m happy to try YouTube / Vimeo to try and resolve the issue, just let me know what I need to do.

But just to clarify I don’t want the final site to have YouTube / Vimeo videos embedded in it, I feel the videos should be hosted by Glide directly given that is what I paid over $2000 for.



Our engineering team is debugging the app. Something related to videos or images in the app is causing the browser to leak memory.


The app is generating thumbnails dynamically for videos, using a yes-code column that downloads 2GB of videos every time the app is loaded. This causes the browser to basically immediately run out of memory.

@David_Baird please work with your Expert to replace this method of generating thumbnails for videos, it will not work.


Thanks so much David, really appreciate any help to get the app running smoother on mobile.


Thank you David - Bob (fantastic glide expert) is working with me to change the thumbnails of videos and hopefully this helps.

Appreciate the help