App for Ethical Purchasing Groups

Hi all!

I’ve been spending sometime with glideapp and I really love it. My first project would be to create an app for a “ethical purchasing groups”. Basically it should allow members to access it, identify themselves, place the products they like in a cart and then confirm their order.
Once a week the orders from any specific group would be prepared and delivered to a single pick up point, where payment would be made.

I read several post of people looking for a workaround the cart page, when they are not looking to collect the payment online, but none seems to fit my specific situation.

The way I was picturing it would be like a 4 step process. 1)You select your group from a drop down list (entry in colum A in the order spreadsheet), 2) you enter your name (colum B), you select prodocuts and quantity (colum C and D) which generates multiuple rows that replicate group and name from the previews entry, 4) you review the list you created, make changes if you need and confirm

At the end of the week the spreadsheet can be split in the orders from the different groups and the person of contact will receive the list with the individual orders from within his/her group.

I was hoping to be able to adopt a regular shopping app, replacing the buy button with some sort of “save to spreadsheet” button, but I realized it is not so easy.

Is there any app with similar feature I could look at?
Do you have any advice?

Thanks a lot!

As the group and name is unlikely to be changed and would need to be replicated across multiple rows, I would use them as two columns in the User Profiles sheet.

Then upon viewing each item, user can enter the quantity and add them to the “cart” using an add row button which writes the item ID, quantity, the user’s name and group.

At the end of the week, you have multiple rows from the same group and the seller can mark each of them as completed using a switch/checkbox.

Would that work?

Hi ThinhDinh!

Thank you very much for your reply, I’ll try that out and let you know


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