App for a lab

Here’s an app I created for a lab, it has news, publications, awards, etc. I am using the new Hero Icons that has some bugs that but I was able to make it work with some help.


@SuperMerabh looks very nice. Great job - and looks nice with the hero icons.

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looks nice… on Safari you have to refresh the app to load it… probably because of the hero icons… it is a big issue for Glide not syncing with Safari…
also, you are using the native Glide contact us form… it only works when users have browsers synchronized with the email service… you might lose a few customers, I learned that the hard way… since then, I have always done my own contact us… and email forms.

I am not using a contact us form, just a button that takes to their email client, is there a known issue with that?

Thank you :slight_smile:

yes… any native email service in Glide, requires the browser to be synced with the user’s email service…
many of my customers have multiple accounts in chrome… and they complained that there is no way to contact me…

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Thank you for this valuable input.

check my Code BOOK from desktop, and click the contact us button…
you will see that I made my own contact form… just because of that

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