App Does not launch

App constantly reloads. Using the custom domain the app constantly reloads. It appears to only be an android problem so far. I am confirming with my iPhone users but last I knew they had no issues. If I use the I do not experience the reload issue but the app cannot be installed and there is no sign-in. Thanks for all the help.


Your first link does not work

Have you set up your domain correctly? Documentation below

The second link does show sign in

Not sure what you mean by this?

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The app worked fine for about a month using the first link. It just stopped working and I didn’t change a thing. So the custom domain was setup correctly at least for a little while. I will have to check it again. But it works fine on IOS that I am aware of.

The second link navigates fine. But when I select options in the browser there is no option to install the app. Ie create an app on the home screen. It just creates a chrome shortcut.


I agree, the first link isn’t working for me. The second link shows me the save to home screen prompt.

Same here. First link is a dead link.

I remember some discussion last year where the install option wasn’t popping up. From what I can see, the same thing is happening with your app. I don’t get the install option in my desktop browser or on my phone. Not sure why, but the discussion I remember involved the number of tabs displayed on the screen. You could try adding another tab just to see if that makes a difference.