Aplicación para Préstamos Diarios

Hola, buenas tardes, quisiera saber si alguien ya ha intentado o realizado una aplicación que sea de cobros diarios (gota a gota)…?

Please go into more details about what you expect your app to have, and if possible, in English, so we can understand your requirements better and give appropriate advice.


Hello, my question is: Someone already created an application of daily collections (loans).

I am creating a collection app, but I was left in the middle and wanted to know if someone has already made one to help me.


I’m not aware of any apps like that in the community, so what do you expect your apps to have (what tabs are there, what type of data you want to show, etc.)

New client:
Pay on account:
Report by collector (daily)
Delete customer
Edit Client

You should be able to add new clients using a form or an add row action.

Then in the details view of each client, you can add payments using the same technique above, and edit/delete a client using the edit screen.

I’m not sure what you would need for reports, if you can clarify on that we can help more.

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Current Credit, Proof of payment, Refinancing

Regarding access, Glide only allows email pins and Google authentication for now. There are no other ways.

Regarding reports, it looks like you want to get a PDF from your input data. You can research on integrating Integromat and PDFMonkey into your flow to get that sent to your email.

Best of luck!