Anyone use Twine?

Twine is an open-source tool for telling interactive, nonlinear stories. I’m going back to my old text adventure stories and made an app that has a button which opens in web view.

It looks really wonky because I’m using Wix as a port for the html and the sizing doesn’t match with the mobile frame. The scrolling is off and the footer is huge. If anyone knows a way to make things fit, it would be a great container for my adventures.


BTW - this community rocks.

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I’ve toyed around with it for education. Looks fun!


Any ideas in that ingenious brain of yours for a workaround?

Hm. I think it’s a Wix issue.

Using the webversion of Twine I don’t get the scrollbars:

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Before I get too excited - here are two results - one is my app dashboard builder, the other is the shared online version:

Which one did you screenie?

I think the first one.

Yeh, that’s within Glide. I can’t figure out how to make it work on the web.

edit: Success! With a few Twine code tweaks it should look sweet. But for now, it fits perfectly and looks like a proper interactive fiction game on Glide! The workaround was simple but I had no idea how to do it without research. I had to link my google drive where my html file lives to DriveToWeb where it made it web-ready. Google stopped that ability years ago. Here’s the info:

I’m very excited. I will post a template version or help anyone interested in making their own Twine/Glide app.

THANKS, ROBERT. You definitely kept my head in the game, as it were.


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