Anyone have experience with meetings ratings?

Hi everyone. Very excited to publish my project today. But I got a great tip from a fellow student. After meetings before Glide, we had a little google form so we could rate the meetings. Sometimes we’d find a location that seemed great but was too noisy for studying or chatting, etc. Or the food is bad. So we want to pool together this information like we used to do. Instead of continuing the google form which is another separate hassle, Im sure there must be a way to have a feedback screen connected on my app. Any tips or someone with first-hand experience creating this?

The goal is:
-user rsvp for meeting and this sets value to rsvp column (already complete)
-after meeting my sheet changes status from “going” to “went” (already complete)
-after one day they get a triggered notification and screen that appears for them next login that asks for feedback on a detail screen using ratings component

Any tutorials or examples?

What happens if you need to rate 2+ meetings at a time?

It would only be one meeting at a time. Unless im misunderstanding something?

two ways to do that…

  1. create a rating column in the meetings sheet, and each user will add points to the total score…
  2. create a rating sheet, each user will add a new row for the rating, and use rollup column to sum them