Ratings Action Component

Hey, fellow Gliders!

I urgently need help regarding one of the new features, namely the Ratings Action Component. I read the reference doc (https://www.glideapps.com/docs/reference/components/rating-component) but I still don’t quite get how it works exactly to set it up. So far, it always replaces the rating of a row with the latest user’s rating. I need it to sum and average all users’ reviews. So the rating column should be user specific, right? But then, how do I sum up every individual rating?

Thank you in advance!

Try this amazing tutorial by @Robert_Petitto, I rely on it often: Glide Ratings Component: Accept and Display Average Star Ratings - YouTube


@nickrovisa Oh absolutely! I’ve done and it works like a charm. I was just wondering how this new feature worked, since it came out shortly after his video. XD But yeah, Robert is the absolute lifesaver of my project so far.


Aw thanks y’all!