Anyone from Brazil has integrated Mercado Livre checkout with dynamic QR code of PIX

Basic for anyone, It´s huge e-commerce of Latam and they offer a checkout process via API.
I have to learn how Glide works with API and webhook. This checkout send information of PO and return a page with checkout.

Any tip is welcome ! Thx in advance

can you explain it better?

Sorry Uzo, I’m not a adv dev and I’m self-learning. So, a huge marketplace like Ebay, offers a complete checkout here in Brazil. It´s api first so basically I need to create a template field here in Glide, I guess and call an API call to open a checkout page, get the results through webhook and update the screen and table of Glide. Right?

My topic has to parts, one if a brazilian guy has integrated to this marketplace called “Mercado Livre” and the second one, how Glide works with calling API and get results from webhook.

Thx again