Any way to save updates?

Any way to save updates?

When editing with an increase button, it generates an update, which means that my client generates about 1000 daily updates. Is there a way to save them?

It is an application for a food stall and tapping on the menu is added to the shopping cart to then process the order.

I would also like to know if the Pay-as-you-go updates function is enabled with the starter plan.

When you’re asking about saving them, you’re referring to using fewer updates to do that action?

Alright so there are a few ways this could be done. The cheapest way to get all the items someone wants to check out with, would be to use a form. In the form, the user selects or enters quantity for all the items they want, and when they submit the form, it only costs one update to add the row to your “Orders” sheet. This may not be ideal app structure or user experience for a few reasons. One, you’d have to get all the menu items into a single form… you could still do this with a collapsable menu within the form, but it might require a lot of rebuilding your menu. Two, if the user accidentally closes the form, it erases everything they’ve already selected (cart contents don’t save until hitting submit.) So, that would be cheapest and if you’re working with a small menu it may work best.

If it’s important to add items to cart and have that cart save with each addition, there may still be ways to save on updates. Check out how you’re doing it now… how many updates does it cost to add a food item? You should be able to get it down to one update per type of item in cart (even if multiple quantity of that item). How exactly this is done can vary. Let me know more about your current method if you’d like me to share more ideas on this.

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this is a copy of the project and how its works

Seems I can’t do anything but slide in a view details screen. Perhaps more appears if you sign in, but the app doesn’t allow me to sign in. Also I would think customers at a food stand wouldn’t be willing to create an account on an app, so I’d really try to make it in a way that doesn’t require login.

I forgot to remove the permissions, it’s done, thank you very much for your help

Alright that allowed me to add items to cart now. I still can’t see what action is happening exactly, but I see that with clicking item it adds to cart, items in cart appear below, and if items in cart are clicked it removes them from the cart. This is costing you at least one update each time and item is added to or removed from the cart.

The menu is basic enough I think it’d be fine to do within a form container. You could then have a checklist collection within the form container, that people could click which items they’d like to add to cart. When they submit the form, it creates their order. The one challenge with this method is how to allow multiples of the same item. There are ways to handle this but you’d have to get a bit more creative and pick an approach. I’d go for method where you use the checklist to indicate what items you want, then you have a relation to all the items checked. Then I’d want user to be able to enter quantity for the items they have checked. I’d do this by displaying number entries with a default of one, for each item in cart. To get the name of each item in cart, you’d so single value lookups for the index of the cart item. Definitely a bit complicated (and hard to explain) but I think that would work well and end result is it would only cost one update for each order placed rather than an update for every item.

Besides using a checklist, you could create a number entry for each menu item… but this isn’t a very flexible approach for adding new menu items so I’d avoid doing it directly like that.

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