Is there a way to reduce the number of clicks counted when using an incremental button?

Hi all,

I’m creating a small application to manage a stock of products for a small bar association.
I ended up using a + or - button to speed up the inventory / purchase / replenishment process.
Before, when I needed to buy 5 cans of soda, I typed 5 in the corresponding form (= select the field, delete the old value, enter the new one, validate).
Now, all I have to do is click several times to obtain the same result.
The problem is that the cost of this little feature is 5 times higher than before.
I was wondering if there was another way of achieving this solution, but counting only one click instead of X : the intermediates values have no value at all and should not be decremented from the number of updates of the month.
Best regards

If you use the buttons on an edit screen rather than a details screen, then it will only count as one update. Only caveat, is that it’s two extra clicks (one to get into the edit screen and one to submit).


An Edit form would save on updates since it doesn’t register an update until you submit the form, so you could maybe do your increment inside the form.

Another option would be multiple sets of increment buttons with different values, such as 1, 5, 10 to increment faster.

Another option is that if users are not signed in, you can actually update user specific columns without counting against your update limit. When users are not signed in, then user specific data is only stored locally and not synced to glide servers. You could use this trick along with a button to first increment the number, and then transfer the value in the user specific column to a regular column via the button action.

Either way, an update to live data within the database will count as an update every time you update the values in that data, so your best options are to utilize something like the edit form, or use the loophole if users aren’t signed in, or change or app flow.


Another option could be to use a choice component instead of an increment action.