All increment in action as one update

fist idea was: count all changes in custom action - as one update (similar to “submit form”). But think that it’s not good in case some changes need to appear other changes first.

but increment - it’s not depend on other action. it’s always depend only on itself.

Please count all increments in custom action as one update :pray: :pray: :pray:

Really, it would be nice if you could increment more than one column at a time.

my think was a little bit more complicated.
for example: in one custom action make incriment some cels in 3 table.

Hi! Really? As i remember, David says all changes during one action counted by one update.
And now, why you can’t increment in 3 tables in one action? I think it is possible long time ago.
I’m wrong?

in one action - you mean in one custom action?
if so, it’s seems not.
in my custom action i have 5 increments - and it use 5 edits.

Oh! You right if you change different rows it count different updates, but if change same row but different column so count one update. It is surprise for me.
But it must be a one, of course! I’m voting

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For example this post

There is a different topic but the idea is the same.
Why, if you butch add 1000 rows to GS it counts to one Glide update and when we butch update(one custom action) 2 rows in Glide table it counts 2 Glide updates?