Any way to change the background colour for the entire page?

As per my screenshot below… is there a way to set the background of the page to be the accent colour? I guess the answer will be to upgrade to get access to CSS. But, maybe I am missing something :slight_smile:

You can use container components, and then set the background of the container to the accent color.

I did try that Jeff. But I could not see how I can force the container to take up the entire viewport.

It’s not perfect but you can add a bunch of line components or rich text to add extra space.


A few months have passed since the last reply on this thread, so I figured I check in again.

I wanted to accomplish a similar thing using CSS - make the entire screen in a slide-in window have a uniform colour different than the app white background to distinguish it from the ‘main’ style.
I couldn’t find a way to style a page, only widgets. I checked and the class name (slide-in-content___StyledMDiv-sc-1qf0855-6 kJqxYS) for the page is auto generated and isn’t stable (as per the Glide docs). And I couldn’t get a container to fill the entire page so I remain with two white stripes above and below the container.

I don’t know much if that’s possible at all, but your class name can be targeted like div[class*=“side-in-content___StyledMDiv”]. That looks like the stable part of it.