Is it possible to change the background fully to a particular color in pages


is it possible to add a background (color) that could completely cover the full screen of mobile, desktop n tablet screen,if we add means all components should be in that background.

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In the display editor, add a component called container. On the right hand side, set the background color of the container to accent. Nest all the components of your screen inside the container.


Is there any way to make the background/accent go all the way to the bottom by default? It only fills as far down as the components go, which leaves white space underneath. We can push it down with separators but then you end up with scrolling space.

Thanks. If I understand correctly we can’t apply a color or style to the body by default, we have to do it in a container. Also, we can apply a color to the default header, because is a container. I’m going to try it on my end because I’m facing the same issue.

I’ve added a container but I don’t see where you can change the color

Choose Image from the Background drop-down, then use an Image from Colour column to create an image of whatever colour you want.

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If I do what you’re telling me in the container the background stays white by default

Did you create the image from colour column and configure the container to use that column?

:bowing_man:t2::see_no_evil: no


When that happens it is often due to a network routing or connectivity issue.
Are you able to connect to a different network and try it?

I changed the network, it still doesn’t work. the path is well type> computer> experimental>code>experimental code then copy the address:

I can’t seem to get it by copying the color URL. I added an image column with an image of the color I want and nested all the components inside the container, but it still doesn’t work. It’s quite frustrating that something so basic isn’t easily accessible. for beginner…

You could always just create a “blank” canvas using an image editor, then paint the canvas any color you want it to be. Save the image and upload it into a column of your table, then select that “image” as the background for the container. Just an idea.

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An alternative to what Darren suggested is using something like:

But the image from colour column is built in, and should work well.


I’ve done everything that was suggested, but nothing’s working.
I’m throwing in the towel.
Thanks for the help :pray:t3: