Any way to avoid PIN requests

Is there on a pro plan any way to avoid that somebody keeps requesting PIN codes for a specific email address. Say person a has the email Is there a way to avoid that another user types in and sending a new PIN code to user a.

And would user a have to sign in again after receiving the new PIN - I would think No


Private Pro or Public Pro?
With Private Pro you can use the email whitelist, so will only get a PIN if they’re on that list.

(actually I just realised that I’ve never tested that, but I assume that’s how it works)

Update: ah yes, just did a quick test and that is indeed how it works.

@Darren_Murphy I was referring to public pro - which wasn’t clear in my post :frowning:

So if somebody knows another users email then he can annoy the other user by requesting new PINs all the time.

That is the same for any and almost every internet service though.