Any trick or enhancement for log in action in public app?

@Mark : A little question, but with a big interest associated to… :wink:

Is there anyway or tricks (html or Javascript stuff) to trigger the display of the user login screen?

I have a public app, which has been built using the email whitelist authentication. I then move the authentication back to public (only) in order for users to access the app contents without login. They can access the login screen in the menu, no problem, in order to see additional contents. But, it would be really nice to allow them to connect directly using a “login button” or any other login action control, placed in the app tabs, I order for them to not leave this tab and navigate to the app menu, then come back in the tab to see the contents they are allowed to see depending on the habilitations.

If any secret trick exists, I would pay for it :smile:

Moreover, it would be the only way to get commercial or non commercial apps with personal data in Europe : we’ll be able to create a fake login tab with all contents required for GDPR, checkboxes and so on, and add the real log in button at the bottom.

There’s no way right now to log the user in via a button, but if you have user profiles enabled in a Public app, a user can log in via the flyout menu. There’s no way to force them through a screen yet, though.

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Thanks Mark.

Is it something in the roadmap, even far from now? Without this option, we can’t use Glide apps in Europe as long as they contain personal data. Users who log must consent first, we can’t capture their email without their consentement.


Why don’t you just place a button with the action “Sign in” on one of your screens in the public part of your app?

Because it wasn’t possible at that time :wink: