Any suggestion how to create a Comments list with new Apps?

I am about to create a comments feature for my users that replicates the comments feature in the classic Apps. However, if I use a List component the new Apps layout only seems to allow me to add 2 lines in each list item. It’s not very flexible.

Any good examples out there?

Are you looking to just display comments or have a conversation with replys?

Hi Joe - just to display a static list of comments. With the following fields:

  • Name of author
  • Comment (could be up to say 255 characters)
  • When posted (Twitter time is fine)
  • Liked by XYZ people
  • Author image would be nice

then for the owner to edit, delete the post. Other users to like the post and then reply to the post.

So really not very complicated… :slight_smile:

(Format is for mobile device, not PC)

I have something similar

It’s simply built by a form and displayed via Custom Collection. Like my report button, you can add a Like button. Reply wont be inline with the comment you want to reply to though… it would just open another form to add a comment.

If you wanted to add using simply a text entry custom form, I would assume you would need a helper table with a button that adds your comment to a USC, along with the users Name, current date and image. Then complete an add row action to your actual Comments Table and reference all the info located in your helper table.

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So far, this style list seems the best option…

oooh … looks nice. Thank you.

I’m not familiar with a custom collection, can you show a screen shot of the setup for that element?

Not on my computer at the moment, but its quite simple.

Just instead of selecting a List Collection, choose Custom Collection. This allows you to add as many elements as you want, vs being restricted to only 3-4 in a List Collection.

I believe mine is just

Title Component
Rich Text for the Flex Name - Relative Date
Button - Minimal

Oh wow, this is a great tool. I just took a look. Yes, this is going to be so useful! Thank you…

I need to redesign some of my other lists! I was boxing myself in with the limited options available. Custom lists looks to be Soooo useful.

There are some limitations to it such as the inability to group. Also of your users are on desktop, obviously look at that view too as it can look very different depending on device

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