Any ideas? Need your creative powers💡

Been asked to build a ‘conversational’ type app. Answers to questions based upon user input.

Example (all fictional of course)
So user is present with options a few options they select one.

Let’s say the options are

  • I want to buy a coffee (option a)
  • How do I pay for a coffee (option b)
  • Where is the coffee machine (option c)

Selecting each option shows a different response
(option a response) - that’s great, go to the coffee machine
(option b response) - it’s easy, use your bank card
(option c response) - it’s on the ground floor by reception area

Ideally the responses should appear below the original option selected, so it looks like a conversation.

Creative solution needed, appreciate your wisdom and ideas :bulb:

Thanks in advance

I would probably use either Visibility to display each response based on the question, or use an If-Then-Else column to fill a response column based on the question.

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Conversational app would be super cool! But I am not sure any “Layout” offers the possibility to display a kind of discussion on the screen. Have you started anything yet?

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Not yet, gonna have a go though…

For conversations, chatbots are more appropriate.


I imagine you’d start with a screen of questions in a list.

When the user selects a question, it links to an answer (using relations columns)

On the Answers screen, using the you could then display both the question and the answer.

Underneath display the list of questions again.

This would be stage one and probably fairly easy to do I think.

Stage two, you could investigate building up the list of questions and answers so it looked like a conversation. This would require writing back to a sheet. :thinking:

You could also provide similar questions and answers as a type of pre-emptive, which could also be done with the relations column probably.

Thus, saying you want to buy coffee would also show answers for how much it’ll cost and where from.

Your biggest challenge is actually styling it to look and feel conversational, as Glide gives very little control or flexibility over styling. :frowning:

That will definitely need some spreadsheet magic using html and the Rich Text field.

Also, you might be able to use that @ionamol uses in Learn Drops (How to use "SWITCH" to change data per user)

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Yeah, but want to build the functionality of one nativity in glide, I have used chatbots before, it’s not a hard concept but trying to figure out if it’s sorta possible, my challenge begins

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That’s @chrishoward. yeah the styling will be an issue but I’m sure if I can get the concept to work then I will somehow be able to wing it, wish me luck. If I can get this to work I’m sure it would be a great and useful template:)

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One way that you can experiment around this concept is:

  1. create a list of “choices” and a list of empty cells (if then else) to handle the answers.
  2. Change the visibility rules to make each new option + answer appear above the last one, making it work almost like a upside down chat app.


  1. If you want to use filter per user, the best way is probably creating a form entry to submit the questions
  2. Style the answers to show the question too, this way you can use only one form entry
  3. User A clicks on the form button, select a question and using an If-Then-Else you can show the question plus answer using a Rich Text.
    :speaking_head:: I want to buy a coffee.
    :robot:: That’s great, go to the coffee machine.


I just had this idea, don’t know if it’s really possible but I think it is.

  1. Add a comment component to your page
  2. Create visibility rule so if comments (filtered per user signed-in) contains (or is) “question”, the right answer is visible
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Thank you, great ideas, gonna have a play around.

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