I need some help with brainstorming a project

So, I have already built an app that has products and optional accessories data, including pricing.

What I’m hoping to do is create a form that allows potential customers to select a product and add options such that the MSRP of each item is tabulated into some kind of order form. I won’t even mention my other dream-world aspects at this stage.

Could anyone start me on the long journey towards such a goal with just a few suggestions or related templates that might fit the bill?

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Like pizza and options - base, toppings, extra cheese :slight_smile:

Yes, thanks. That got me thinking that it’s as simple as the Coffee Shop sales template.

The only thing is, what I’d like to have instead of a Stripe buy button is a Get a Quote “mailed to you” functionality.

I’m sure I’ll find the right combinations of components at some point but every tip saves me a half day.

Yours alone made me realise that I really don’t want a menu page but several inline lists like that Coffee Shop template and so many other great examples from users.