Budget for help - to help me put in an ordering & payment system (please!)

I am running out of time on my project (and the client added a few things in other parts of the app).

I am looking for an expert who has time to work with me (to a spec) to build the following (based on what I have done so far):

  • ordering form - user has signed in, selects one or more products (from a Product DB in Glide/GS), selected quantity, picks up address from their account (or option to add delivery address), then moves to payment
  • payment - allow Stripe (and ideally Paypal - fine if that takes a bit longer)
  • ordering within a process - I have a multi-step process where the user goes through steps to do a corona test - and one step is buying a test. They would choose which product they would like (level of service, dif prices). Once they have paid, they can continue
  • tracking orders - be able to see what has been ordered (over time would look at integration to logistics with DHL)
  • emailing receipts
  • recording the money (for us at the backend)

The delivery is quite urgent and I have to work on other parts of the app to get things working by Wed next week. I have spoken with several fantastic experts and worked with quite a few already :slight_smile: I am very happy with everyone I have worked with … so this is not an issue about switching from people (I would happily work with them again) —> it is about who has experience building a shopping cart / ordering / payment system… who is free over the next few days.

Let me know! And btw I would love a part of the community for folk like me to ask for help in a structured way so we can get experts to jump in to offer services :slight_smile: would be very much appreciated!

Thanks, M

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Weirdly, this is a flow I’m quite familiar with and some of my multi carts have an identical /similar flow. I wish I wasn’t as B :frowning::frowning:. But some very good pseudo cart developers in this place.

BTW thanks community for the private messages - work in progress so thanks!

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