Anonymous webshop, e-commerce

I am currently building an app where clients and representatives of a wholesaler can place their orders. I create a shopping cart for this based on the user table. The checkout is not necessary because customers buy on credit.

I want to further expand the app so that customers who are not logged in (in this case consumers) can also order and only have to provide their details AFTER they have ordered. Like in a regular webshop. There must then be a payment option via Introgromat or Zapier (not the standard stripe option, because that only offers options for a credit card).

My question is the following: I don’t see any possibility (yet) to build a shopping cart without the user being logged in, so I can’t use the user table. So I would like to generate a shopping cart based on anonymity where the items selected by the customer are stored.

Anyone suggestions?

Regards, Ronald

Use a table that isn’t the User Table.
As long as you use User Specific Columns, it will work for all users, signed in or not.


Hi Darren and thanks for your comment.

Yes, in itself I had thought of that, but it is then difficult to have the order (via the app) read out later by the employees in the warehouse to collect the order. In addition, the order would later (after registration and payment - after all, we also need the shipping address) link the order to a user account.

Nevertheless, thank you very much for your thoughts and input.