An important assignment obtained thanks to Glide

I am pleased to announce that, as an external trainer, I have received the assignment from an important Italian public school, which operates within the “futurelab” project (an innovation laboratory created to test new pedagogical scenarios and educational activities that use technology), to create courses concerning the development of nocode applications: the platform covered by the course will be Glide. My pupils will be teachers of schools of all levels. So my job will be to train the trainers! :smiley:
I am proud for this assignment, and excited for this important mission entrusted to me, I particularly thank this community for the continuous support I have received and all the members of the Glide Team wishing the greatest success for their work! :heart:
I ask permission to use your videos as internal teaching material, do you authorize me to do an audio dubbing in Italian? Many of these pupils of mine, despite being teachers, have difficulties with English…
Thanks, if possible, it would make my job a lot easier!


Congrats Roldy, glad to hear this!

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In the meantime I have also received 2 large orders and the 2 apps are about to be published. Unfortunately I can’t show them here because they are Private Pro APPs made for the B2B world.

All this, is also thanks to you! @ThinhDinh


Awesome! I’m a K-12 Innovation and Technology Specialist—would love to follow your progress and contribute if I can!

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It is very good to hear that.

Have a nice teach :slight_smile:

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Of course, I would be honored!

A brief update. Two distinct courses were completed: one for teachers of public elementary schools, the other for public middle schools teachers.
The enrollments for the two courses were very numerous and not all teachers were able to participate; each module involved the participation of 25 people.
New courses will be organized next September because it was a great success!
Thank you all!


@Roldy it is great to hear :+1:

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