Allow new users to view content before they log in

Hi all…
I want to allow my new users to preview the content before they log in, how do I do that?

I’ve created a login button, but what happens when a new user uses my application, the new user is directed to login directly, and that’s not what I expected.

you need to set your app to the public

Hai @Uzo
thank you for your answer, I didn’t think it would be that easy :grinning:, before I chose public with email.

I want to ask one more thing.
When a new user logs in, in addition to email they also have to fill in their name and phone number, is that possible?

yes, set your App to the public, and create your own log-in screen… add the name and phone entry, and for the confirm button, use visibility with condition if name and phone not empty

Thank you, but I haven’t found a way to make new users when logging in are required to fill in their name and phone number,Because when a new user logs in with their google account, there are no follow-up questions to fill in their name and phone number.

Are you willing to provide a way of setting it up?
I really appreciate your help.

user must click his profile button (inline list), which will open a screen to edit his profile info (show edit screen action) and in that screen… mark entry fields as required…

here is the sample:

Watch how @Robert_Petitto goes about creating a custom form for onboarding users. I still use his method on some of my Apps.
I think you will get the basic idea and be able to customise to your own needs.
Watch the video and try to follow along. It’s a great watch.
All the best with your App.

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