How to force user to create a profile after accessing the app - or even just make it mandatory they enter a name before they access it

When there is a new user on the app they log in using an email and pin. Then they get into the app in which they can see all content. Then can then hit menu and “sign in” again? But no info was used / stored during the first log in?

I have made filters so that only people with specific names can view certain content. This content will change rows so assigning row / column owners is out of the picture unless I can automate changing ownership rows / columns depending on if their specific name is shown anywhere it is put.


Today the below people are working


Note, Tim is in row 3 on today, and in row 2 tomorrow (copy and pasting an alphabetised list and having only the rostered people in top rows helps another process later outside the app).

How do I force people to edit this (I’ll add in edit boxes)

before they are allowed to see the rest of the app?

Essentially creating a user profile before being allowed to see all content. Or even just force them to enter their name would be enough.

I could make their email address work if only that was stored during their first “sign in” to access the app. Why are there 2 separate sign ins where the second one after accessing the full app is the only one that will allow you to show the user specific data to?

I just bought the private pro app today and thought the 20 private users (only available with this package) would get profiles on log in?

I have also tried invited people to become members to see if I can figure out member level status and what they can see in the app given their status, but that takes them to the glide app building website rather than into the app I made. And they still weren’t added as a member, they’re pending.

I want to hide what app creator I am using because I am aware of 3 other companies trying to create a google sheet that works the way mine does and build it into an app and I’m hoping not to give any one an edge. It also just stops once they log into glide, the accept invite button is then blurred and when you click on it it says something like invitation not found. Glide just made it so easy to integrate google sheets! Everything is working perfect except for showing the full app to people after the first forced log in problem which doesn’t really mean anything in my case.

Have you set up user profiles for your app?

I believe so?

Check these out: