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is it possible to have an example? It would be useful if Glide would give us the opportunity to understand how much updates will affect our App. A sort of detailed simulator in order to understand where to work to reduce updates. If I have an App (glidetables only) for ordering from the table with 20 tables and an average of 25 orders per day with 5 variables (customer / table number / quantity / product / email). I will have 20x25 = 500 updates per day or will I have 20x25x5 = 2500 updates per day? If I have a “column users specific” for the cart and register a new line just to upload the order, how many updates will I get?

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Hi, quick question about the API. The detail on the pricing does not make clear. Does Pro and Business both have access to all four API functions? CRUD? Pro on the old plan could only CUD. Any read was the full table, not individual records. If it does have CRUD for PRO, this alone would be worth the price of the upgrade for me.

Thanks for sharing! Quick clarification on Updates - this will include any change to data in Glide Tables right? So assuming Add Row, Delete Row, Increment Number, and Set Column Values actions will all trigger updates? Similar to question by @BDN_Jacopo_Chiapello, in a table with X columns, do Y Set Column Values actions or Y Add Row actions trigger X*Y updates or Y Updates? Thank you so much for any clarification and really appreciate what you guys are doing!

Hello, I have a pro plan in which I have a lot of information that changes day by day.
I still have 10 paid months left, since we contracted the annual plan.
From when will the migration to the new plan take place?
Or will they allow the fulfillment of the established contract?
Thank you

Hi, Jacopo! If it is one submission that holds multiple variables, that will be on Add used. In this case, I would expect you to be closer to the 500 Adds per day scenario.

With the new team plans, we have rolled out a Usage page as well that you can start using to estimate the number of Updates your team consumes. Please note that the Updates shown will be slightly higher than what will be counted in the coming months as we do not plan on counting (a) editing in the Builder and (b) Updates used by unpublished projects

I will send a DM to look into this with you

Hey, Dario! We will provide more details to existing customers about the migration plan soon

We will give plenty of time for existing customers to migrate to the new team plans. All existing subscriptions will likely be migrated before 10 months, so, in your case, the annual subscription will likely end before its renewal date

However, we are planning to provide discounts, in general, for existing customers and larger ones, in particular, for customers with annual contracts

Hi, according to the price chart, the images/documents limit on FREE apps is 200 MB. I have a free app which tells me I have exceeded the storage limit, but it only uses slightly over 100 MB, and says the limit is 100 MB.


Are you on the new Free team plan, or do you have a Free app?

Free apps quotas have not changed

I don’t know; I was under the understanding that all free apps were going to be automatically updated to the team plan. If that’s not the case then no worries.

Is there a way to migrate our existing Team to the new Teams Pricing?
I made a new team and it automatically is under the new pricing

It seems like you are still on the per-project plans. You can tell by going to the Billing page. If your team is on the Free team plan, your screen will look like this:

We will be providing more details soon about how to self-migrate from per-project plans to the new team plans soon! We’ll keep you posted

Great question!

Updates include Adds, Edits, Deletes, and Syncs.

When you add or edit a row, it counts as one Add or one Edit. It is not dependent on the number of fields.

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We hope that most customers will use both an App (mobile use cases) and a Page (desktop use cases) for their projects now that they’re both included on all plans

Hopefully, that helps offset the cost of the Pro plan when you initially think you might only need a App but you could benefit from an App and a Page

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API functions will stay the same on the new team plans. The readTable function currently allows a user to pull all rows in a table, not individual records

Which use cases do you have where you would like to pull individual records?

BTW, and sorry if this was answered before, we can have one app and page with the same dataset. Does it count as one project or two?

I actually managed to move my app from the old team to a new one and it was straightfoward

A project is a project, regardless of the dataset. So, yes it would still be two projects even if they share the same data.


I currently don’t have a use case but I am in the planning stages of developing an app which will have an external database not supported by Glide and in order to keep the databases in sync I will want to update individual rows in the external database and also on the Glide side. If a row has been changed by a user in Glide I will want to do a read before doing any kind of update so I don’t walk on any changes. In other words the database will be able to be updated from both ends. And I will have to synchronize manually because the external database is not supported by Glide. The external database does have API access so I may just need to implement dual update dual write and dual delete when changes are made on the Glide side.

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Thanks, I’m trying to understand how it will affect me as it’s a live application and it took a lot of time to implement.