All "Add Item" components get reset to text/number entries

I have an intensely annoying bug where suddenly without warning all of my “Add Item” components varying from choice, notes, text entry, number entry, and image picker will suddenly convert to only text or number entries. This component formatting I create will stay correct and active for an undetermined amount of time before the bug happens.

I unfortunately have never been able to pinpoint the trigger that causes this bug. It seems to happen when I’m navigating between different glide sheets. It is an incredibly time consuming bug. It’s probably happened 5-8 times in maybe 10-15 hours total of glide editing.

I’d be curious to hear if anyone else run into this resetting issue of “Add item” components.

Before Bug
Screen Shot 2023-10-12 at 11.51.52 PM

After Bug
After Bug

This seems weird to me. I understand you are configuring an Add form in the first sentence, but then you say were navigating through “Glide Sheets”. What exactly were you navigating there?

I wonder if he means that he is switching the Form Target table?
That would definitely mess things up…

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Sorry! for clarity when I say navigation through other sheets I mean this part of the interface (see image). Switching back and forth between different sheets and moving on to other tasks I need to do in glide and then when I come back to this “Add item” section the components are reset.

That’s why it’s hard to identify a trigger for the bug because it seems to happen at random. Since there’s no editing mode in glide, all my edits SHOULD be permanent from my understanding?

Screen Shot 2023-10-13 at 11.03.35 AM

One thing that sticks out at me from your screen shot is that all of your tabs are using non-Custom styles. What I mean by that is:

One thing to be aware of with the above is if you are using a Custom Style at the Screen/Tab level, and you change it to any of the non-Custom Styles, then all the changes you’ve made will be gone.

I don’t know if this applies in your case, but it’s something you need to be very careful with. Personally, I generally stick to Custom Styles all the time.

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