Alert in math column

I made a math column and put a formula in it. But I get an alert.

This is a formula that works fine in spreadsheets.

What’s wrong?

STR L, RANK in the formula are the column names in the glide data sheet.

The formula is

STR * (0.166436 * (LV ^ (1/2)) +1) * (0.53198 * log (RAN K + 1) +1).


Around “198 * log (”: “log” is not a function.

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@Darren_Murphy (AKA The Script Man :superhero:) any help on that ?

I can’t help but notice the space between the N and the K in RANK.

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Also the space between log and the parenthesis. Try log(

Thank you, everyone.
I have noticed and fixed all the space issues that you have pointed out.
But the result was the same.


For clarity, I’ve replaced the columns used in the formula with “i”, “r”, and “n”.
But the result is the same.

Is it possible to assign the LOG function of Glide from another column?

Why is “*” not displayed?

This is the screen for creating a math column.

Log needs a second parameter, so after n+1, add a comma and 10, like this: log(n+1,10) and see if the final result matches the sheet.


Yeah, @Jeff_Hager beat me to it. I just found that out. Glide does not default to base 10.
LOG(numeric_expression, base_value)

The Glide error message is not accurate however. Engineering is aware of the bad message and will fix that issue.


* is part of the markdown language, so it’s trying to convert certain symbols into html formatting. Whenever displaying code or formulas in the forum you need to use code blocks. You can do that by highlighting your formula and clicking on the code block symbol </> above the text editor, or use a backtick `, or use four backticks on the line before and after the piece of code or formula you want to display.

Yeah, figured out the base 10 part just the other day while working on my calculator.

Thank you everyone.
Jeff_Hager’s advice helped me solve my problem.\(^-^)/

I am very grateful for the many polite replies to my poor English.

Thank you to the many geniuses who gave us this reply.

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Any chance they can fix the bouncy cursor while they are at it? :grin:

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Actually yes, it has been noted and a re-fix of that cursor bounce is in the task.