Addin custom math functions that take parameters to a Glide column

I’m trying to create a scoring function for raw data (column entries), but I need to pass the raw data through a function to transform the values, specifically I want to use a logistic function: Logistic function - Wikipedia

Is there a way for me to achieve this using Glide (maybe using a fancy cell trick)?

Are all parameters of the Logistic function available to you from the raw data? I assume you can do it with the right math column set up.

Yeah, the logistic curve basically just takes one variable – the challenge is really how do I represent the function (especially since I have to use e) and get it to be reusable for various values in glide

You can see all the supported calculations for the math column here.

Thanks @ThinhDinh ! Do you think I’d be able to use the LOG function to represent e ?

It would be nice if Glide natively supported e the way that excel does

Have you been able to solve this? I’m not entirely sure it will work, just provided you with the functions that are currently supported by Glide.

Haven’t yet, thinking about spinning up a microservice to do the calculations so that I can have the full range of math expressions we need to get our result

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