After publishing my glide app, tables does not show

after publishing my glide app, tables does not show. I have cleared the cache. Pics also does not want to show.

my app is very simple: first you select a province, then a city, then ull see profile under that city and finally you can view the user profile.

in browser (google chrome & iphone safari) it only shows up untill city, but no profiles.
All Pictures associated with the categories also does not show. I have used the free image option inside glide.

Any help or advice?

My guess would be that either your User Profiles aren’t properly configured, or perhaps you have row owners applied where they aren’t required.

Need more information. Can you please provide screen shots of the following:

  • Your Privacy settings (Settings → Privacy)
  • Your User Profiles Configuration (Settings → Users & Authentication → Edit User Profiles)
  • Your User Profiles table

Thank you so much. The settings was not set right.

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