Admin for Inline Lists

I enjoy having control over what elements of an inline list are hidden and/or shown. To do this, I simply enter or omit the Reference word in the row for list elements:

What would be even better would be the ability to edit this value from within the Glide UI, say in an Admin version of my app. I’d like to see the Inline List options on the Edit side of a page containing an Inline List:

Is this something that’s already planned?

You could have an admin sheet where you can control the levels with checkboxes. Then in your sheet with the references, perform a VLOOKUP against the admin sheet and IF TRUE, fill the cell with OPEN.

Hmm… I do like your idea. Can you send any related posts or info that will help me implement this?

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I set up a small example in

There is an Admin View in the menu that will show what fakeemail1 has access to as an administrator. I added 3 level switches which control what’s viewed for levels under the Admin demo on the main page. Copy the app and have a look.

Cool! This is very helpful. Thank you!

Could it be… exactly what I was hoping for??? It would seem so! Thank you all for working to predict what we need before we know it.

I don’t know what I :heart: more…this new feature or the more cowbell demo!

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More cowbell…always more cowbell above anything else!

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