Admin/Edit Rights without Public with Email?

I’ve tried searching the forum and don’t see a clear answer, is there anyway to allow edit conditions without the app being set to public with email?

I am guessing the answer is no but has anyone discovered a workaround?

I am attempting to create an app for my community to crowdsource events/resources during this corona time but maintain some sense of quality by now showing events until their approved.

#2: Say I wanted people who submit their own events to be able to go back and update/edit them later. Would this be possible without pubic with email?

Thanks all, first post and appreciate the help

Welcome :wave: and thanks for your post.

I have managed to get this to work although it does require a sign in at some point so glide knows who the user is and that they have rights to perform the editing privileges you have given them.

(Ensure you have the menu enabled so the user can sign in

First set up privacy as public with email.

Add ability for users to edit and delete items and apply filter as ‘signed in user’

Now switch the app privacy to ‘public’

Everyone can now view the public app. If they sign in (using sign in via the menu and the email they used to add the item) you have set the editing rights and filters correctly then they should be able to do what you are asking in your post.

Give it a go and let me know how you get on.



Thanks, that does in fact work. Appreciate it!

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Excellent, glad to have helped.

I have a related question for

Basically it’s a list of open business during Covid19, the app is public.

The original list has been crowdsourced using a form online, or directly from the app.
Most entries were generated by the neighbors or the shop woners them selves.

I’d like to give them the ability to edit their entry, opening hours might change, they are not happy with the random Streetview picture…

My ask: conditional editing. Shopowner would ID himself to edit an entry. Is there a way to do that?

My solution for now: I made “required” to add ones email when they add or edit the entry.

Thank you for your help

You would need public with email to enable per user settings to edit by signed in user. You can kind of hack around this and enable public with email, then apply the per user setting by signed in user to the edit button, then switch back to Public. Then you would need to put something into the Menu so the sign in button is available. This seems to work for now, but I wouldn’t rely on it forever.