Conditional Editing Capability

I have developed a self-guided walking tour app, Lexington by Foot and Phone (HTTP:// It currently has 7 self-guided walking (and driving) tours of Lexington, MA.

I’ve now gotten to the point where I want to make it possible for non-programmers to use the system I have developed for their own set of walking tours. I’d like to do this by adding the ability to add, delete and edit tours and stops on tours. I would provide a stripped-down version of my original set of tours by replacing a tour in a tiny example instance of my system with their own tours and tour stops.

I have experimented in Gide and prototyped how to do this by using forms to enable adding, editing and deleting rows from two tables in my app: tours and tourStops.

The part I can’t figure out is how to make the appearance of these two additional controls (that appear as “+” and "image " in the upper right corner of the screen) be conditional based on a capability granted to the logged-in user.

I must admit that until now, I have just used the Public version of GlideApps.

So, I’d like to hear about two things:

  1. How to add user profiles to a glideapp that has not had them before. I assume I will need to switch from Public to Public with Email. I have seen guide apps that seem to be Public but with a command Login command in the initial screen’s menu. This would be perfect so that those who do not need to make any changes can continue to use the simple version of the GlideApp.

  2. An example of a simple working glideapp having add and edit icons conditionally appear for logged-in users who have been granted editor permission.


– Harry

Solved by information in the following two posts:

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You can keep your app public… Create an user profile table : User Profiles - Glide Library
In this table, add a boolean column “Editor” and tick it for each user which you’d allow to add or modify tours.
In the screen with your tours go in tab “Edit Form”, tick “Allow users to edit”, click on “Add condition” then chose “Users>”, “Editor” and add “is TRUE”…

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In addition to what Alexis said above, what you need to do is to temporarily switch your app to public with email, assign a user profiles sheet, then switch back to public.

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Bravo! Very impressive and useful app! Congratulations on utilizing Gilde so effectively. I am sure that many local historical societies would gladly build their own apps using your foundation. Thanks for being willing to share.


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