Adjusting column width in Glide Data sheet

For the life of me, I can’t adjust the width of the data sheet columns to see things better.

What am I doing wrong? Is it not possible to do?


In the Glide data editor or in the Google sheet?

In Glide. No issue on GS.

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I have not found the ability to expand the columns, but most columns display the full characters in the field with the exception of row ID or relation codes, but if you click into one field there is the ability to scroll horizontally to see entire set of characters if you need to do so.

I’ve glad it’s not just me then. I have so many extensions to block cookies and pop-ups that half my apps or sites won’t load at all.

You are right about certain things expanding to see the hidden content. I can see all relational labels but when I try to look at text I don’t have the same access.

Not a big deal since I should work from GS first and foremost, but it just seemed odd to run into something so unexpected.

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Yeah I really need to add that…