Adding Users for Messaging via FORM BUTTON

Hello, I have a form button that takes you to a form that has a drop down. That drop down gives me to the ability to choose who I’d like to send a comment to. But I’d like to send a comment to more than, ideally four (4) or five (5). I’ve tried stacking CHOICE components but they are replicate the top name choice.

Thanks for your insight!


Do you want to create 5 different rows for messages, or would be ok if it’s 5 columns?

Hey! 5 columns are fine. They’re all in my Users sheet. What do you suggest? Thanks.

If the community is here to share info and help each other, great. If that response is an attempt to scratch out some money…

You would want to create a new Messages sheet that holds the columns: Sender, Receiver 1, Receiver 2, Receiver 3, Receiver 4, Receiver 5. The receiver columns would be filled by the choice components in your form.

Then in a Messages tab, show the Message if Sender 1 is signed-in user or Receiver 1 is signed-in user, …, Receiver 5 is signed-in user

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