Add comments on wall

Hi Glide community

Please help me I am trying to add comments on my venting wall but it only allows me to add one comment my net comment doesn’t appear please advice what to do.


You should use an inline list to display them, I think you can use a list or card layout without image.

Thank you I added an inline list and turned it into a card and it’s working perfectly

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Maybe you can help me I want when a user selects gift a text entry must appear but I’m failing to link it up

Add a user-specific column on this product/gift screen and then catch them in a form to where you store the resulting row.

lol sorry you lost me

What do you want to use the text for?

For someone to leave a message for the gift

To do something like this?

So just add a text entry in the form, I assume you’re writing new rows for each gift sent to a new sheet.