Adding Row ID messes up inline list configuration

I have a Details screen with an Inline List component. I forgot to add a Row ID column to the table that the Inline List column is referencing initially. The Action on the list items is set to “Independent screen configuration per item”. Now when I add the Row ID, all of the list item configurations get messed up and reset as if I had never customized the components for each list item. I’m assuming it’s because Glide was using the Title column as the “key” and when I add the Row ID it switches over to that. Is there any way to keep my Inline List items with their customized components, but to also add the Row ID?

That’s interesting. I’ve never encountered that, but it does sound like a bug.

I’m curious about your use case for Independent Screen Configuration. How many rows are in the table? Are you using the list for navigation, or for some other purpose?

I’m using the same setup in two sections of my app. One has 34 rows and the other has 18. Not all rows are “used” but they have a Boolean column to indicate whether or not to display it in the app. I preconfigure all possible options though. I do this because it’s a conference app that is used in multiple locations, but each location may use different options. I’m configuring the initial template with all possible options before duplicating it.

I use it for an additional “submenu” rather than putting everything in the left hand menu. My design team thinks that users are more likely to use the options here rather than if they are “buried” in the LHM.

Currently I have one table that just has the “Title” and Icon Image. Then I have other tables that it is linked to. Some of the items are linked to the same table that has simple info that uses the same columns, and others like “Packing List” have their own table. The basic table then has relations to the other tables with lookup columns to pull in the needed info. (That part gets tedious to set up). I’m not sure if there’s a better way to set it up? And I’m not sure if all of that makes sense without seeing the tables.

Here’s a screenshot of one of the “submenus”:

Okay, so essentially for navigation. That makes sense.

Sorry, I don’t really have anything to suggest. It does sound like a bug to me. Probably best to submit a ticket with Glide Support.