Add to Calendar for Admin Only

When using the calendar I would like to allow only the admin to ADD events.

However, when the “allow users to add items” box is checked there isn’t a place to add a condition (the way the edit button does). The condition for the edit is “Allow editing when Access level is administrator.”

Now when the ADD box is checked all users can add to the calendar. I only want the admin to be able to add.

Change to a detail style layout, add an inline list in a calendar layout and a form button for adding. You can then set visibility on the form button.

Thanks Jeff. I will give it a try.

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Hi Jeff, I probably didn’t ask my question clearly the first time. What I am trying to do is add the + button to the top of the Calendar page to allow “Users to Add Items”. But have it set it so only the administrators can add items.

I can set the visibility of the editing pencil to only allow administrators to edit, but I can’t find a way to show the + symbol only to admin. Is this possible?

P.S.I like the layout, look, and ease of the Calendar and would prefer to use it rather than using another Inline List. Thanks for your quick replies!

You can creat button form with name “add item” and setup visibility with admin.

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As far as I aware that is not possible. You can not set a visibility condition with that add button, nor limit the ability to add based on a condition.

Jeff also wrote about that here.

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You can make it. And, you add pickup image to admin add item

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@jillrohan agreeing with @thienhungf.

While you can’t use the add button in the top right corner, you can create your own button and link it to the sheet for items you want the admin to be able to add using Show form.

Then you can set the visibility condition of that button based on the user type (i.e. Admin, Member, etc.)

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Yeah of course we can do that but she is aware of that possibility, just not in favor of creating a further inline list.

I hope that feature would become available soon, though.


To be clear, you can show an inline list in in the calendar style. Like everybody else stated above, what you want isn’t possible at this time and this is the only alternate solution.

Like this:


Oh. Sory, i mistakenly asked if she could edit the content from the right corner button and delegate admin rights