Restrict add with conditions as with allow edit

On the multiple display layouts we have an option Allow users to add which has no conditions whereas on the detail option Allow users to edit has conditions which can be used to restrict including properties of the current User.
It would make developing much more consistent if the conditions could also be applied on Allow users to add as this can then be used to allow view only access without having to repeat all the layouts where add and view access needs to be controlled.

For Add :

For Edit :



I already asked the question some time ago, and obviously it’s not possible (for the moment?)

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Would like to know if there is an ‘official’ list of requested features and how what can be done to up this on the list. Having to work around the concept of different user groups requiring different access levels to the same data seems like a big omission and just ends with many weird and wonderful work arounds like having to duplicate data in the source sheet to create a ‘read only’ copy and then a ‘read only’ tab.

Having the ability to restrict the add option would sort this in a straight forward manner as the users can be allocated to role based groups with defined access rights.


Here is the official feature request app.

User roles are pretty easy when using user profiles. This can be used to control filtering, visibility, and edit access. A user’s role is accessible throughout the app via the user profile sheet.

Currently you can’t control the add button, but I usually use a form button instead for adding data, which can be controlled by a user profile role.

Thanks for the response, and thanks for highlighting your method or ‘working around’ this issue. If implemented then everyone would have a single and consistent method to control role based access.

One way I use to control this is by creating 2 tabs which are the exact copies of each other with just one having an add button.
Then the tab with the add button is visible to the admin or based on conditions I would have otherwise used for the add button.


Thanks for the response. If the functionality was available to restrict add to users on a single tab would you still choose to take the time and effort to create duplicate tabs, maintain duplicate tabs etc?


Apologies, should have read through better. Where do you add your form button as they cannot be added to the items list view?

It would definitely be better to have conditions on add or have duplicate tab option.
This is just a workaround I shared till the time Glide releases these features.


I’ve added a request, please support if you would like the feature for a more consistent build pattern.

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I use the Details style layout more often than the List layouts because it gives me a lot more control. Because of that, I use a form button more often throughout my app to add data.

This one is a little different. The ‘+Add Event’ is an inline list item designed to open a form.


This has been implemented. You can now add conditions to show or not show the Add row icon.


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