Allow users to add item, from inline list

I can’t add condition to allow users to add item, see screenshot
I would like to be able to determine which user has the right to add or not under certain conditions
But, even if it is displayed, see screenshot, I cannot program a condition.
Is this a bug, a feature to be developed, or am I not doing it right.
thank you for your advice

What happens when you click the “Add condition” text? It should allow you to define the logic for that add button’s visibility.

What happens ? Nothing. Click and click on “Add conditions” nothing happens.

So you can’t do this?

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Correct, when I click here “Add Condition”, nothing happens, is it normal ?
thank for your help

Are you running any browser extensions?
If so, try disabling them all and see if that helps.

Hi Darren
This Add Condition works very well in Edit or Update form, I try other explorer, IE, Mozilla, that is the same result, no add condition is possible.
I have any browser extension

Oh I think I know the problem.

If you have not enable the User Profile enable it and see.


Hello Dilon
that is, I have not actived user Profile. So when I active this, the Add Condition works good.
But my app don’t need User Profile, so I’ll try another way to have “conditions”
Thanks at community

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Your welcome :+1:

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