Conditional Add permission

Is it possible to enable the ‘Add’ function on a tab based on user permission level?

I can see that Edit and Delete can be controlled this way, but Add does not show any way to add a condition test.

Am I missing something?

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No, there currently isn’t a way to conditionally show the add button, but if you wanted, you could set your tab to the details style layout and conditionally show a form button that would function as your add with an inline list of the data on the screen.

Thanks for that.I’ll try it out.

I came up with a workaround which set a ‘user permission’ condition on every component on the Add screen, and hide the component if the permission level was too low. When all the components were hidden ‘Add’ was disabled on the screen.

Also included a text component to show a ‘sorry’ message in that case.

Very ‘clunky’, which is not what I expected from GlideApp

Seems such an obvious requirement.

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User Profiles are relatively new, so maybe now that we have that functionality, we will soon get conditions for the add button based on a user profile field.

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Aaaaand we still don’t have conditions for add