Add the necessary options for a proper PWA publishable in the app stores

There are previous threads about this, but I am just wondering why the option to create a published shortcut essentially, is not available. This would allow us (creators) to create a simple bare bones app (if you could even call it that) that could be made available in app stores that would simply open the existing pwa link. This would offer the seamless experience of an app, the same experience saving a shortcut currently provides, but with the added legitimacy and familiarity of the app stores. Not to mention the option to monotize the app if desired and have a nice icon natively available for users.

This, I cannot see interfering with the google sheets in the back end as the “app” is nothing but a glorified shortcut that came from the appstore instead of the browser, and opens the same thing that the current shortcuts do.

If anyone could shed some light on why this is unavailable (or point out to me where some helpful tips are of it is) it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.